Can Boys Play with Barbies and Girls play With G.I. Joes?



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We all had our favorite toys when we were little.  Mine was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My wife’s were her baby dolls she could dress up and play house with.  My girl’s favorite toy is their Dora the Explorer doll house and figures.  Each of these are pretty standard for what society has deemed the norm for children’s play things.  What if your little girl wants to play with G.I. Joes?  Or what about your little boy playing with Barbie dolls?  Some may think this is nothing to be concerned with while others believe kids should be normal and play with things that are gender specific and gender correct.  Does it even really matter?


In my opinion no.  Every child is different.  Each child whether a girl or boy will have certain likes and dislikes.  Who cares if a boys favorite color is pink or a little girls favorite toy is action figures.  I sure don’t and neither should anyone else except to who it matters to the most, which is that particular little boy or girl.  I heard a news story recently about the Easy Bake Oven.  Over at, they wrote about the Easy Bake Oven and it not being just for girls anymore.  A new version of the oven is being released which will be more color oriented to boys.  Sounds pretty cool.  After all, I’m pretty sure girls aren’t the only ones who love cookies and cupcakes, am I right?  It would be neat to see other “oven” type kits for children.  I had one when I was a little kid called Creepy Crawlers.  You used a plastic goop to make worms, spiders, and other creepy creatures.  I could see a similar product but instead of worms and spiders have templates for fairies and butterflies.  This is still orienting the toys to genders but at least the other half can use the toy if they like it.

We could go into whole other topics such as makeup, nail polish, the way kids dress, and how they interact with other children but we will save that for another day.  It’s great to see in this day and age that people are starting to open up and accept a wider range of people.  More and more states are allowing gay marriages, and whether you agree with it or not, that means the majority of people are becoming more tolerable to everyone.  I’m not saying what your child plays with when their young has anything to do with his or her sexual orientation that was just a quick example I thought of.


Do you let your kids play with whatever they want?  Do you steer them toward more “normal” forms of entertainment for their gender?  Let us know why or why not in the comments!